Electronic Parking System

Electronic Parking System or EPS, is a parking system based on Singapore’s unique Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) Technology.

Designed with this technology in mind, the Ingensys Electronic Parking System relies on an EPS Antenna that remotely reads a unique 10-digit number embedded in the vehicle’s In-vehicle Unit (IU) to form entry and exit records.

When a Full-EPS system is installed, parking fees are deducted remotely by the exit EPS Antenna from a CashCard inserted into the IU upon exit of the vehicle. In this instance, an EPS Charging Unit will also be required. In the case of a Semi-EPS, the parking fee is deducted when a CashCard is manually inserted into the CashCard Reader at the Exit Terminal.

The Ingensys Electronic Parking System is capable of supporting the 2nd Generation IUs and is CEPAS 2 compliant allowing for fee deduction from CEPAS 2 cards (i.e. EZLink).

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Palm Vein Scanner

The Ingensys Palm Vein Scanner is an easy-to-use biometric solution that combines vascular pattern authentication with an identification system. With a low false-rejection rate and enhanced forgery protection, the Ingensys Palm Vein Scanner is suitable for a wide range of applications and is particularly suited for multi-user, high security areas and integrated building security systems.

Recognising that the pattern of the veins on your hands is just as unique as the pattern of skin on your fingertips, the Ingensys Palm Scanner uses near-infrared illumination to detect palm vein patterns and generates a unique biometric template that is matched against pre-registered user palm vein patterns. This highly reliable contact-less method is hygienic and more secure than fingerprints which can be lifted off smooth surfaces.

Ingensys Palm Scanner provides affordable access to biometric technology that is able to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure to improve protection of your assets.

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